Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lionhead Makes Fable 2 FREE On Xbox Marketplace

     Over at Lionhead's Twitter, they've announced that Fable 2 is FREE of its $20 Price Tag on the Xbox Live Marketplace website in anticipation of their upcoming title Fable 3.  This is either generosity on a whole new level, the likes of which are very rarely ever seen from game companies, or a genius marketing gimmick to push Fable 3 sales.  Either way you shouldn't complain and head on over to Download to your Xbox.

     On a bad note though, it does not work for everyone, but they ARE in the process of fixing that, But head on over regardless and give it a try, if it doesn't work then give it a while and try again

Click for Fable 2 on Xbox Live marketplace

It looks as though it was just a glitch and Microsoft has fixed it.  

     A Microsoft representative sent along this response, which suggests that this whole ordeal was an unfortunate (yet, for some, beneficial) mistake:

      "We have seen reports that an page listed Fable II as being free to download. While getting the entire game for 'free' would be (and was for a short time) an amazing deal, it is now available at the intended Xbox Platinum Hits price of $19.99 . A perfect way to warm up the skills for Fable III which launches on October 26!" 

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