Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just Cause 2

     Released in March 2010, this title is the successor of Just Cause which was released back in 2006. Just Cause 2 is developed by Eidos interactive along with Avalanche studios and published by Square Enix. You can definitely call it a super action packed game with a Rambo type of hero trying to save a region from horrible powers and also unraveling many mysteries on his challenge to accomplish his mission. This keeps the player thrilled all throughout the game. High violence and bloodshed will make it available only for mature players or those ages 18 and up.

     The story is focused around a South East Asian island called Panau. As agent Rico Rodriguez, you are dropped there to oust Baby Panay who is the dictator of Panau. On your mission you get across various twists and turns and unravel many mysteries. The island is free to roam and you're free to explore anywhere and anything at anytime. Players can also take a ride in the vehicles that are spread throughout the island. And not to mention the one thing you can do you very rarely get to do in games: Base jump. Base jump off of Anything.  That's right, Base jump off a second story building, off a sky scraper, off a mountain or off of a flying frickin' plane.  New vehicles such as the Boeing 737 and new weapons such as hand held grenade launchers are also introduced this time around.

     The fight just keeps intensifying as the game progresses. Game play, controls, and the story lines have all been significantly enhanced. The graphics are outstanding. Take Far Cry, add some Next-Gen stuff to it like Bloom and Motion Blur and smaller details, and you have yourself an extremely pretty game. The islands are beautiful, and you'll spend a lot of time in high places just looking at the scenery.  Special attention has been paid to every miniscule detail such as the street lamps and the electric lines. It could have been designed a little bit better by adding more components on the islands to make it look more fresh and competitive though. These screenshots that I have posted are actually taken using, you guessed it, the HD 5750, and it runs the game flawlessly. It's very well optimized.  The game also has many similar scenes that seem to repeat throughout the game and unfortunately, the game cannot be played over and over again without going through the same exact scenes and battles from mission to mission.

     The sound effects are up to par.  They aren't great like Advanced Warfighter's or Bad Company's... But more along the lines of the Cookie-Cutter sound department. You'll have heard many similar sound effects back in Grand Theft Auto 3.  The Music is nice, the tempo changes when it should, it feels in place.

     If you want Grand Theft Auto 4 in a Tropical Island Paradise, this is definitely the game to have.  It's worth the money, the time and the many Coca Colas and Cheetos you're going to down while playing it

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